Promote To Get Paid
Until you promote your page through your social media platforms, fans won’t show up.
A personal shareable link is provided. Link to your social media profile bios, posts, swipe up stories and highlights. Direct your fans to sign up and follow your page.
Planning to Enable Connect features?
Upload a post or tweet when you’re free to Connect
Stories are a great place to advertise availability and new content
Have 10k+ Followers on Instagram?
Include your sharable link in swipe-ups
Save your Swipe ups to highlights
Direct download your Highlight by tapping an icon below
What Else?
Before initial promotion, upload 6-10 pieces of content so fans have something to see
Each time you upload content to your page, your followers are notified
Continue uploading weekly, fans are more likely to subscribe if your page is current
Consistent posting and scheduling will train subscribers when to expect new content