Investment And Success
Your fans won’t have access to your page if you don’t share it. “You can’t cheat the grind... it knows how much you’ve invested. It won’t give you nothing you haven’t worked for”
The more you’re willing to engage the better chance you have of converting more subscribers
Determine Your Success
Define and measure your goals
How much do you need to earn to make your efforts worthwhile?
How many fans do you want to engage?
Establish Your Goals
Make money full time or on the side
Educate others
Build a following
Determine the benefits to your subscribers
a ‘sneak peek’ into your creative world
Connect features offer fans the opportunity to interact with you directly
Digital & Physical Bonuses
easy distribution of digital or physical work to supporters
For example, if you’re an artist, sending your art. Also mailing gift boxes to your higher-tier monthly supporters
Create a Marketing Strategy
Decide how to communicate benefits to your audience
Think about your social media presence, how to engage with fans and what works for you
Your fans won’t have access to your page if you don’t share it
If you have a website, use it to promote your page
Make a video: talking about benefits, exclusives and your goals
Generate excitement
Drum up anticipation before launch
Keep it personable and build emotions
Drop hints that something exciting is coming and start using teasers