What you can do with your content
Think of your page as an all-access backstage pass for fans to dive deeper into your life. Here are some ideas on how to use the features:
Post a selfie
Share some art
Give behind-the-scenes shots
Behind-the-scenes exclusives
Answer fan questions
Blooper reels
Post music
Share a comedy act
Start a podcast
Tell a story
Give a status update
Share a recipe
Connect Features
Call and text features are available in the US, UK and Canada. Video is available worldwide.
Talk on the phone
Share a picture
Have a Video Chat
How to sort your posts?
Mix public and premium posts
Premium posts are only viewable to subscribers so keep premium posts exclusive to your page
Public posts are teasers and incentives to subscribe, can come from content posted anywhere
By the way, use libraries to organize your content to make it easy for subscribers to navigate