Get Familiar with Connect Features
Our Connect Features include text, picture/video messaging, calls and Video Chat.
Done through SMS
Get paid per text, both sent and received
You have 8 hours to respond before you lose your ability to get paid
Text subscribers with #free in the message to send a free reminder to get them back
Picture and Video Messaging MMS
Get paid per picture or video message, sent and received
You have the ability to set a different pricing from text, we suggest to price higher
Important to note it’s done through SMS so don’t send long files, they won’t go through
You have 8 hours to respond before you lose your ability to get paid
Ability to set a minimum call time to protect creators if subscribers prematurely end call
If you set a minimum call time of 5 minutes but they hang up in 4, you get paid for 5 minutes
Calls take more time and engagement than texts, we suggest pricing these higher
Video Chat
Video requests will pop up in queue
If multiple requests are in queue, you don’t need to accept in the order they were received
Like calls, you set a minimum video time
Video Chat takes the most time and engagement, we suggest it as your highest priced feature
Promoting Connect availability
The only way people know you’re available is by promoting through social media
If you have set times to connect each week, continue reminding them
If you’re available to connect now, let fans know you’re active now
Best way to promote is through platform stories, highlights and posts
Make sure when you’re available those Connect features are toggled ON
If you aren’t currently available but still wish to offer a feature, toggle the service OFF
If you don’t wish to offer a feature ever, go into settings and disable the Connect feature(s)