Earn $$ on YOUR terms

Get paid for doing what you love and enriching the lives of your Supporters
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Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others helped you turn your fans into followers.

Now Collide helps you turn those followers into paying Supporters,
earning you real money to pursue your personal cause...


Creative Freedom

Never any censorship, No takedowns. You own your connection with your Supporters. Be You...Create, Connect, Collide, Repeat!

No hassle, simple fee

No surprises, No hidden costs, No arithmetic needed, ever. You earn exactly what you think you've earn.

Features galore

Public posts, Premier access, subscription, no strings attached support, single item purchases, video, images, text, voice, and new features being released weekly.

Explore some features of Collide

Upload content your Supporters will love

Get closer to your Supporters through Connect!

Enable Connect features and choose your availability for phone calls and text messages.

! Your real number will never be revealed to anyone!

Control how fans access your content

Subscription options

Set your content to public or premium and choose who gets to see what. Let the world view it or just your supporters.
Your Supporters can also just support you, no strings attached, to help you keep being you.

One-time purchases

Set a pricing scale that's right for you, you're the boss.

No hidden fees

Simple all-inclusive fee structure. Collide deducts only 12.5% of gross earnings on subscriptions and one-time purchases, and 20% of gross earnings on Connect features. We take care of all costs and all the hassles... so you can spend more time being you.

Get paid weekly

Creators get direct deposit at no cost, once a week, every week their balance is $75 or more.

Ready to Create, Connect. Collide?